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Assure MIMIX Promoter User Guide

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Before you use Assure MIMIX Promoter, consider the following:

  • Do any applications or processes place exclusive locks on the files that you plan to copy or reorganize?

    If a file required by a Assure MIMIX Promoter operation has an exclusive no-read lock (*EXCL) placed on it, the requested operation will fail. A locked file can prevent Assure MIMIX Promoter from cleaning up any temporary journaling environment it created for non-journaled files. Also, Assure MIMIX Promoter may occasionally need an exclusive lock on a file at the end of the record processing cycle. If the file is locked by another function, Assure MIMIX Promoter will repeatedly attempt to obtain an exclusive lock until it is successful or a user intervenes.

  • Do you use a change management application?

    You can use Assure MIMIX Promoter with enabled change management applications to efficiently coordinate updates to the production database while moving non-database objects and data.

  • Do you plan to change the default job descriptions used by Assure MIMIX Promoter?

    Each Assure MIMIX Promoter request to copy or reorganize a file automatically starts two IBM i jobs. The default is to use the MIMIXPRM job queue, which uses *NOMAX for its maximum active job parameter (MAXACT) and which runs under the MIMIXSBS subsystem. If you change the defaults used on the Assure MIMIX Promoter commands, the two jobs may not start concurrently, causing a failure. Ensure that the job queue associated with the subsystem in which the jobs will run has a value for the maximum active job parameter that is sufficient to allow the two jobs to run at the same time. If you submit the copy and reorganize requests interactively, the number of jobs available on the job queue should be equal to the number of requests. If you submit the copy and reorganize requests in batch mode, the number of jobs available on the job queue should be equal to or greater than twice the number requests you plan to submit.

  • Do you plan to reorganize physical files that have a large number of attached logical files or that have attached joined logical files?

    For more information, see Reorganizing an active file.

  • What additional processing do you want to perform on each file?

  • Will an exit program be sufficient or is a service program better suited for your requirements?   Can you use the programs provided with Assure MIMIX Promoter or do you need to write your own exit and service programs?

    Assure MIMIX Promoter provides a programming interface that allows you to provide your own exit programs for processing data and for controlling the copy processing. You can provide programs that are called at defined exit points within the Assure MIMIX Promoter processing or you can provide service programs that are dynamically linked to the copy active file processing. If you create programs, allow time to create and test the programs you require. See the Assure MIMIX Promoter User Guide for more information about data exit programs, control exit programs, data service programs, and control service programs.