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Control exit points are used to change the Copy Active File (CPYACTF) command processing in non-data movement situations.

During normal operations, the Precisely-supplied control service program is called at eight control exit points. If you specify a control exit program, the control service program calls the control exit program at these points.   If you specify a user-defined service program, your service program will be called at each of the eight control exit points.

Assure MIMIX Promoter does not prevent you from specifying both a control exit program and a control service program on the same job, however doing so is not recommended.

Default processing of the CPYACTF command calls the control exit points as follows:

  • During initialization, the Initialize Exit Point is called.
  • Once copying of the file begins, the Interval Status Exit Point is called when approximately 10 percent, or 75 000 records, have been copied from the source to the target file.

  • When the copy operation has completely copied all of the records from the source file to the target file the Transfer Complete Exit Point is called. (CPYACTF is still processing any activity on the file.)

  •  If the user has specified to have copy process obtain an exclusive lock on the source file and that lock cannot be obtained at the completion of the copy, the Lock Failure Exit Point is called.
  • Once a lock is obtained or if no lock was attempted, the After Lock Exit Point is called.
  • When the copy operation begins its cleanup process the Copy Finalize Exit Point is called.

  •  Finally, during the cleanup process after any temporary journals have been deleted the After Temporary Journal Delete Exit Point is called.

The CPYACTF process is complete at this point. If an error occurs the Copy Failure Exit Point will be called at the time an error is detected.