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Occasionally, you may want to put a copy or reorganize job into an idle state after the transfer operation is complete.

You put a job into idle state if you want to control when the job ends.

You would idle a job while using RGZACTF if you do not want the file to be replaced until a particular time. For example, if a file is subject to high activity during parts of the day and you do not want Assure MIMIX Promoter to complete reorganization of the file until the file is not being used.

If you were using CPYACTF you may want to idle a job to coordinate a group of files that you are copying to update your application. For example, if you are updating an application and the application uses two files which are changing format, one file is 10 records long and the other is 20,000 records long. These files need to be synchronized with each other. You would run CPYACTF on both files using the idle feature so the 10 record file doesn't end too soon. Once the CPYACTF is done with all the records in each file you would upgrade the application and move the two files into production.

You would probably wait until you wanted to update the application and then shut down the application, end the idling of the two files, update the application, and move the two new files into production.

To idle a job do the following:

  1.    On the Work with Copy Status display, type a 13 (Set process idle) next to the job you want and press Enter.

  2.    The job is placed in an idle state when the copy while active function completes. The job remains in an idled state until you take action to release it.

Note: A user exit program could initiate an idled state.