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The Change Assure MIMIX Promoter Group (CHGPRMGRP) command enables you to control many jobs or types of jobs that are assigned to the same logical group. A job can be specifically defined to a selected group when it is submitted, or automatically assigned to a group based on its state in the process cycle.

The CHGPRMGRP command controls both jobs already running in the system and also jobs that are submitted into the system later. Changes specified by the CHGPRMGRP command are permanent to that group.

Do the following to change a group of jobs:

  1. Ensure that the Assure MIMIX Promoter product library is in your library list. The default name for the library is MIMIX.
  2. From the Assure MIMIX Promoter Main Menu, select option 5 (Change Promoter group) and press Enter.
  3. The Change Promoter Group display appears.
  4. At the Group prompt, specify the name of the group you want to change, or specify one of the following values:

    • *CPYFILE            : Change all Assure MIMIX Promoter CPYACTF jobs, including future jobs to be submitted later.

    • *RGZFILE:             Change all Assure MIMIX Promoter RGZACTF jobs, including future jobs to be submitted later.

    • *ALLACT:          Change all active Assure MIMIX Promoter jobs.

    • *ACTCPY         : Change all active Assure MIMIX Promoter CPYACTF jobs. Setting for all other jobs in remain unchanged.

    • *ACTRGZ:             Change on all active Assure MIMIX Promoter RGZACTF jobs. Settings for all other jobs remain unchanged.

  5. Specify the value you want for the Idle at transfer complete prompt. The value *YES will cause all jobs in the selected group to idle when the transfer process is complete. The value *NO allows idled jobs to resume processing. The value *SAME leaves the jobs in their current state.

  6.  If you want cancel all jobs in the selected group, specify *YES for the Cancel prompt.
    Note: Once the job is canceled, it cannot be restarted. If the job is a long running process, you could specify CANCEL(*YES) and then specify CANCEL(*NO) soon after and keep the job running. However, in most cases the job will end before CANCEL(*NO) can take effect.
  7.  Press Enter to submit the change.