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User exit points defined within the processing cycle of the Copy Active File (CPYACTF) command enable you to interrupt processing to perform a separate program or function. User exit points should only be used for advanced control or data mapping. Normal use of the CPYACTF command does not require that you make use of the user exit points.

  • Control exit points change the way that the command processing is controlled for non-data movement operations. For example, you may require explicit control during various stages of the Assure MIMIX Promoter process, such as controlling multiple, simultaneous file promotions or copies.

  • Data exit points control or modify the way the command processes the data movement. For example, the record transfer function is available to write custom record mapping functions.

The Copy Active File command supports both user exit programs (*PGM) and service programs (*SRVPGM).   Service programs can provide superior performance because they can take advantage of IBM's Dynamic Link Load (DLL) support.

Through the use of an exit program that can be called at any of the defined user exit points, you can customize operations to best suit the needs of your enterprise by incorporating new or existing programs during normal Assure MIMIX Promoter processing.

For example, if you were updating your files for year 2000 compatibility, you could use a control exit program or control service program to stop the command process each time a date is encountered. Your program would then make the necessary changes to the file data, log the change in a history file, then continue its processing.

You could also use a control exit program or control service program to send you a message every ten minutes with the total number of date conversions completed to that point. If you are very concerned about a certain situation in the processing, you could even have your program halt processing, giving you the option of continuing on, or canceling the command.

Exit program templates are provided in C, ILE RPG, and OPM RPG in the Assure MIMIX Promoter product library. For more information, see Programs included with Assure MIMIX Promoter.