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Assure MIMIX Promoter User Guide
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Assure MIMIX Promoter provides the following benefits for copying active files and reorganizing files:
  •    Reducing the time that an exclusive lock is needed from hours to minutes

  •    Allowing compression operations on copied and deleted records to be performed on files without ending the associated applications

  • Allowing the ability to end and resume  copy active file requests over a period of days so that long-running requests in progress are not lost due to other system activity

  •    Providing user exit points from which you can call customized programs to enhance or control processing of data records and job processing to fit the needs of your enterprise

  •    Allowing grouping of processing jobs for easier control

  •    Providing a single interface for determining the progress of operations

  •    Ability to be used on a single system or between two systems by using a communications link

Database reorganizations and application upgrades are a time and resource consuming process. Applications and information are usually required to be unavailable during the process to ensure data integrity. This process often takes hours or even days to complete during which the database being updated is offline.

The below fiigure compares the usual process for updating applications or files with the process using Assure MIMIX Promoter. Without Assure MIMIX Promoter, the data being updated is unavailable for the entire process, stopping its use in normal business until all of the updates have been completed. Assure MIMIX Promoter minimizes the time-consuming process of upgrading applications and information. The offline period when the files are updated takes minutes instead of hours or days. In test case files, the actual offline time required when using Assure MIMIX Promoter has often been less than one percent of the total process.

Data Upgrade or Reorganization Process With and Without Assure MIMIX Promoter.

The IBM commands Copy File (CPYF) and Reorganize Physical File Member (RGZPFM) do not require exclusive use of the files for the duration of the command processing, however if the files are not taken out of production the resulting order of the rows may not be reorganized. Assure MIMIX Promoter functions without taking the files out of production. The Assure MIMIX Promoter commands Copy Active File (CPYACTF) and Reorganize Active File (RGZACTF) require a significantly reduced lock window for operation. Assure MIMIX Promoter only locks files for the brief amount of time needed to promote them to the production level.

The minimal downtime when using Assure MIMIX Promoter ensures that enterprises that require 24X365 data availability can update applications or files with the smallest disruption while the copy or reorganize operation is in progress.

For more information, see Additional functions.