Starting a copy active file request - assure_mimix - 10.0

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Do the following to copy an active file:

  1. From the Assure MIMIX Promoter Main Menu, select option 1 (Copy an active file) and press Enter.

  2. The Copy Active File (CPYACTF) display appears. Do the following to identify the file and copy operation:

    1. At the From file prompt, specify the name of the file that you are copying.

    2. At the To file prompt, specify the name of the file that will receive the copied information.

    3. If necessary, change the values of the From member and To member prompts.

    4. Verify that the Replace or add records prompt and the Create file prompt contain the values you want. For more information see Replace or add records.

  3.  If necessary, change the value of the Keep resumable data (days) prompt.

  4.  If necessary, change the value of the Allow when access controlled prompt.

  5. At the Protocol prompt, specify the communications protocol you want to use for the copy operation.

    To have the copy operation occur on the same system, verify that value is *LOCAL and press Enter.

    To copy between two systems, specify the value you want and press Enter. Additional prompts appear on the display for the protocol you specified. Specify the requested information and press Enter.

  6. Additional parameters appear on the display. Do the following:

    1. Specify the value you want for the Record format field mapping prompt. For more information see Record format field mapping.

    2. If you have a user-defined exit program or service program for either data processing or control processing, specify the program name and library at the appropriate prompt.

    3. If you want to put this copy job in a named logical group, specify a name at the Group prompt.

    4. Verify that the remaining prompts contain the value you want. If necessary, change the values. For more information see Copying an active file.

  7. Press Enter to submit the request.