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The Notes section displays information about the batch job. The notes are updated on periodic scans, and as processing on each batch set completes. The information displayed in the Notes section includes:

Total Count [nnn]: The total number of records processed.

Error Count [nnn]: The number of errors that occurred during this process. See the Batch Errors section of the window for error details.

Bypass Count [nnn]: The number of records that could not be processed. Records are bypassed for several reasons:

  • Matching jobs: All fields that determine matches (that is, all window key fields) are blank; these records could not be included in the match process.

  • Auto Merge jobs: A record was identified as matching several other records, but once the record is merged with the first matching record it will not be available to be merged with additional records. That merge is bypassed since the record is no longer available.

Range [date-time] - [date-time]: The date and time at which each portion of the job started and ended.

Usage [nn:nn:nn]: The length of time taken for each portion of the job.

Several messages are unique to matching processes, for example:

[nnn] records have the Duplicate Flag set to [True]: The number of records identified as being duplicates.

Processing Multi-WinKey match list [nnn] Records: The number of records processed in the matching portion of the job.

Note: Batch Sets not used for Multi-Winkey matching. Please check the Message field for status information:This is an informational message displayed when multiple fields are used to evaluate matches. SeeAbout Batch Sets for information about batch sets and multi-window key matching.

The batch job window allows you to attach files to the batch job results. Clicking in any of the sub-sections allows you to attach a file.

To attach a file to the batch job results

  1. Click in the Notes section to display the Attach option.

  2. Click Attach.

  3. Browse to the file location and select the file to attach.

  4. Click Done to return to Notes.