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The Trillium Quality for Dynamics matching rules allow it to find potential matches even if the data records are not identical. For example, it can identify common nicknames and abbreviations, allowing it to flag Sue Brown and Susan Brown as potential matches. Matching rules are country-specific, allowing Trillium Quality for Dynamics to find duplicate records based on a country’s unique addressing norms and idioms.

By default, Trillium Quality for Dynamics matches records based on:

  • Name and address

  • Name and telephone

  • Name and e-mail address

Trillium Quality for Dynamics can be configured to identify matches on up to five additional fields, such as customer ID or birth date.

Note: For more information on configuring additional match fields, see the Trillium Quality for Dynamics Installation and Developer’s Guide.

The following steps outline the Trillium Quality for Dynamics cleansing and matching process:

  1. When you enter and save a new record, or when you update certain fields in an existing record as described in Matching After Updating a Record, Trillium Quality for Dynamics first cleanses the data to ensure that it is as accurate as possible. (See Cleansing Records for a description of cleansing.)

  2. It compares the record with existing records in the CRM database to search for relationships among the records. Only active records are compared; inactive records are not included in the match comparison.

  3. Records found to have relationships are flagged (the TSS Duplicates field is set to True).

The matching rules used to determine relationships among records are often customized for each installation.

The following table is an overview of default matching rules; additional details about how matches are determined are described in Appendix: How Matches Are Identified.

Name fields

Contacts and Leads:

  • Salutation, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name.

  • Alias First Name (for example, Robert from Bob), added during cleansing. An exact match on Alias First Name is an acceptable alternate to a match on First Name.

  • Generation (for example, Jr, Sr), added during cleansing. Generation is not required but, if present, cannot be different.

  • Middle Names are not required but, if present, cannot be different.

  • An exact match on all name fields is not required. Small spelling variances in Last Name and First Name are acceptable.


  • Trillium Alias Account Name, which is the standardized Business Name, added during cleansing.

  • Small spelling variations are acceptable.

Address fields

  • Cleansed elements of the Street Addresses (house number, street name, apartment number or PO Box number), City, State, Postal Code and Country.

  • Apartment/suite number is not required but, if present, must match.

  • An exact match on Country and either City or Postal Code is required.

  • An exact match on all Address components is not required.

  • For records with multiple address types (Primary, Bill To, and Ship To addresses), the match is performed based only on the Primary address.

Telephone numbers

  • Compared only if the name matches.

  • Compared on their numeric values only; all punctuation is removed.

  • If present, telephone numbers must match exactly.

  • Missing telephone numbers do not prevent a match.

E-mail addresses

  • Compared only if the name matches.

  • Compared character for character.

  • If present, e-mail addresses must match exactly.

  • Missing e-mail addresses do not prevent a match.