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The TS Quality Global View report provides information about the results of cleansing for all records from all countries processed during the specified time frame.

To run a global report

  1. From an Account, Contact or Lead window, select Run Report > TS Quality for Entity Rpt 1 Global View, where Entity is the currently displayed entity (contact, account, or lead). The Select Records window opens.

    Select Records 
  2. Select the records to be included in the report and click Run Report.

  3. By default, data for the previous month is included in the report. To change the date range, enter Begin and End dates and click View Report.

The Global report, shown in the figure given below, lists all countries processed, the count of records processed for each country, and the percentage of total records represented by each country.

Global View Report
Note: Clicking a country in the pie chart displays a report specific to that country. Country reports are described beginning in Country View Reports.

You can view specific information about any country listed by clicking the country entry to expand it, as illustrated in the figure given below. Details about the records for that country display.

Expanded Country Details in Global View

This view provides a summary of the cleansing operations performed on the records for the expanded country. To drill down to the specific records that triggered each of these conditions, use a Country View report, as described in Country View Reports.

The Global report contains three pages. To access the second and third pages of the Global report, use the navigation buttons near the top of the screen.

Navigation Buttons

The second page of the Global report, illustrated in the figure given below, contains data on records for countries that either cannot be determined or are not supported by your Trillium Quality for Dynamics license.

Global Report, Page 2

The third page of the Global report, illustrated in the figure given below, displays Trillium Quality for Dynamics errors that occurred during processing, such as the Trillium Quality for Dynamics cleanser service being unavailable. To cleanse and match records that were processed while a Trillium Quality for Dynamics component was unavailable, use the Standard Batch Manager, as described beginning in Overview of Batch Processing.

Global Report, Page 3