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Trillium Quality for Dynamics is preconfigured with data cleansing rules that control how your data is formatted and enhanced. For records containing name data, such as contacts and leads, Trillium Quality for Dynamics uses country-specific rules to format name fields:

  • Salutation: Dr, Mr, Ms and other country-specific salutations are moved to the Salutation field.

  • First Name: Returned in mixed-case, with punctuation removed as appropriate for the country.

  • Middle Name: If multiple middle names are entered, they are combined into one Middle Name field.

  • Last Name: Returned in mixed-case, with punctuation removed as appropriate for the country.

  • Generation/Suffix: Sr, Jr, III and other country-specific generation/suffix indicators are moved to the Generation/Suffix field.

For records containing addresses, Trillium Quality for Dynamics uses country-specific address formatting rules to format the following address fields:

  • Street 1, Street 2, Street 3

  • City

  • State/Province

  • ZIP/Postal Code

  • Country/Region

For the most accurate processing, include a country in the record data whenever possible.

Note: Depending on how your project is configured, you cleanse up to two addresses at a time for Account and Lead records and up to three addresses at a time for Contact records. Matching is performed on the primary (first) address regardless of how many addresses the record has.

After formatting address fields, Trillium Quality for Dynamics compares the address to country-specific GAV tables to validate and enhance the address. If the address is found in the GAV table:

  • The address is returned with postal standard street spellings and component abbreviations. Apartment numbers are added to the end of the primary address line.

  • City is the corrected postal city name.

  • State is the appropriate state abbreviation, for example for United States addresses the USPS two-letter state abbreviation will be used.

  • ZIP/Postal Code is in the correct format for the country. For example, for United States addresses the zip code will be in the nnnnn-nnnn format.

  • Additional information, such as latitude and longitude coordinates, is added where available.

If an address does not exactly correspond to an address in the country’s GAV table, Trillium Quality for Dynamics searches for a likely match, such as identifying ‘ottolilienthal’ as ‘Otto-Lilienthal-Str.’ as shown in the example in Original and Cleansed Data. If Trillium Quality for Dynamics is unable to find a corresponding address, it corrects as much of the address as possible.

In records with multiple address types (Primary, Bill To, and Ship To addresses), all addresses are cleansed.

If a cleansing process fails because Trillium Quality for Dynamics’ cleanser service is unavailable, the record is entered into your CRM database as uncleansed data. When the cleanser service is available, you can open, edit, and re-save the record, or you can use the Standard Batch Manager, described in beginning of Processing Records in a Batch Request, to cleanse multiple records.

Note: Optionally, Trillium Quality for Dynamics can cleanse custom entities. See the Trillium Quality for Dynamics Installation and Developer’s Guide for information on configuring custom entities for use with Trillium Quality for Dynamics.