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Trillium Quality for Dynamics can identify duplicate records in your database during real-time data entry, during a data import, or as part of a batch process.

  • During real-time data entry, when a user enters a record Trillium Quality for Dynamics compares it with existing active records to determine if it is a duplicate. If duplicates are detected, a window displays the duplicate records, as shown in Figure: Duplicates Window. You can change the fields displayed in the Duplicates window, as described in Changing the Duplicates Window.

  • During a data import or during a Standard Batch matching request, matching records are written to the TSS Match Display List. When the import or batch request has completed, users can open the TSS Match Display List to review duplicate records. You can change the fields displayed in the list, as described in Changing TSS Match Display List Fields.

To display the Duplicates window, the TSS Match Display List, and/or to merge records, users who do not have administrative privileges must be assigned the TSS Duplicate Popup, TSS Match Display List, and/or the TSS Merge security roles. Assigning these security roles is described in Adding the TSS Security Roles.

Note: Internally, Trillium Quality for Dynamics uses a TSS Match Link table to store the relationships identified by a match process. This table is not displayed by default, but can be accessed by using CRM’s Customizations options.

To detect duplicates, Trillium Quality for Dynamics compares all active records to which it has access, however it only displays records to which the user has access. Trillium Quality for Dynamics’ access is determined by the user context of the user who deployed Trillium Quality for Dynamics. To change the user context, see Changing the Trillium Quality for Dynamics Owner.

Duplicates Window
Note: The Duplicates window must be activated for each form used to enter data, with the exception of the Quick Create form. The Duplicates window cannot be displayed from a Quick Create form. See Adding the Duplicates Window to Forms for information on activating the Duplicates window.