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Trillium Quality for Dynamics Installation and Developer Guide

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Trillium Quality for Dynamics Installation and Developer Guide
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To create a customized Trillium Quality project for use with Trillium Quality for Dynamics, use the Trillium Control Center to import and modify the CRM project definition file. See the Trillium Control Center’s online help for detailed information about using the Control Center to modify a project.

It is highly advisable to modify the Trillium Quality project only through the Trillium Control Center. Manual changes made outside of the Trillium Control Center can be overwritten when the project is modified at a later date.

To import and modify the CRM project

  1. In the Trillium Quality for Dynamics files downloaded from the MySupport download website, locate the folder containing the Control Center project definition file, projectnn.prj.

  2. Copy projectnn.prj to a machine on which the Trillium Control Center is installed.

  3. Open the Trillium Control Center and import projectnn.prj. See the Trillium Control Center online help for assistance with the import process.

  4. Modify, tune, and test the project. Note the following:

    • Purchase and installation of country-specific postal (GAV) tables is required for each country to be processed. If you will not be installing postal tables for all countries in the CRM project, remove the steps for unused countries.

    • Ensure that all Trillium fields listed in the Trillium Quality for Dynamics web resource XML file exist in the output of the Trillium Quality project.

    • You can include any Trillium Quality process within the project flow, but be aware that the following processes are designed for use in batch mode and, due to the transactional nature of real-time projects, will be excluded when the project is deployed for use with Trillium Quality for Dynamics:



      Business Rules


      Database Write


      Decision Point

      Set Selection



      File Update

      User-defined Process



    • For optimal performance, the input schema of a process should be identical to the output schema of the previous process. If the schemas do not match, your project will run but performance will be slower. If you modify a process’ input schema, you should return to the previous process and make the same updates to its output schema.

    • If your project contains more than 200 steps or contains steps that require a large amount of detailed information (such as US Delivery Point Validation or Asian/Pacific postal validation), it may exceed a Windows process size limitation. Edit your Windows boot.ini file to include the /3Gb switch. See the Microsoft support website for information on modifying the boot.ini file.

  5. When the project is complete, on the Develop bar of the Trillium Control Center right-click the project and select Publish Project for Deployment. This extracts project information from the repository and lists the project on the Deploy bar.

  6. On the Deploy bar, right-click the name of the published project and select Deploy to Real Time. The Project Deployment Manager opens. Deploy the project as described in the following section. (If this is the first use of the Project Deployment Manager with this project, an informational message displays advising you to set up target hosts. Setting up hosts is described in Setting Up Hosts.)