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The TSS Match Display entity presents matching records in a grid, allowing the user to view and, optionally, merge them. The entity must be modified to display the Match Display option on the Settings ribbon, and two libraries and an event handler must be added to the Match Display form.

To modify the TSS Match Display entity

  1. In a browser, open CRM and select one of the following:

  2. Select Entities > TSS Match Display.

  3. On the General tab, under Areas that display this entity, enable Settings.

    Adding TSS Match Display to Settings  
  4. Click Save to save your changes.

  5. Expand the TSS Match Display entity, click Forms and open the TSS Match Display’s Main Information form.

  6. Click Form Properties on the ribbon. The Form Properties window opens.

  7. Under Form Libraries, click Add. The LookUp Record window opens.

  8. In the Search field, enter tss and click Start Search.

  9. Select tss_duplicatepopup_loader.js (remember to select with the checkmark, not by clicking on the library name) and click Add. The LookUp Record window closes.

  10. Repeat Step 7 through Step 9, selecting tss_SDK_Rest.js.

  11. In Event Handlers select:

    Control: Form

    Event:   OnLoad

  12. Click Add. The Handler Properties window opens.

  13. Do the following:

    • Ensure that the tss_duplicatepopup_loader library is selected.

    • In the Function field type tss$FormLoad.

    • Select Pass execution context as first parameter.

      Adding the tss$FormLoad Function toTSS Match Display
  14. Click OK to close the Handler Properties window. The tss$FormLoad function is added. Click OK to close the Form Properties window.

  15. In the form editor, click Save, click Publish, and close the TSS Match Display Main form window.