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You can replace a real entity used as input to a Quality project with a dynamic entity. This is useful when:

  • The loaded data you are testing in a Quality project is constantly changing.

  • The connection to the dynamic entity was lost when you exported project definitions and re-imported the project.

To replace a real entity with a dynamic entity

  1. On the Develop bar, double-click the project you want to modify. The Quality Process Flow View opens.

  2. Right-click in the white space of the Quality project and select Add entity. The Insert Entity into Project window opens.

  3. Select the dynamic entity you want to add and click OK. The Schedule Job bar opens prompting you to run the job now or schedule for later.

  4. Click Now to run the job.

  5. (Optional) Right-click the dynamic entity and select Regenerate TSQ data. Make any necessary changes.

    (See Regenerate TSQ Input Data and Modify Dynamic Entity Attribute Lengths.)

    Note: When you add a dynamic entity to a new or existing project, all data rows in the source are used to generate the associated TSQ flat file. Complete the Regenerate TSQ data process if you want to run the project with a sampling of rows.
  6. Right-click the Transformer and select Add new inputs. The Add Input Process window opens.

  7. Under Entity selection, click Unattached entities in the project, then select the dynamic entity you just added.

  8. Click OK. A new entity is connected to the Transformer with a second arrow.
    Figure 1. Insert Entity

  9. Right-click the Transformer and select Edit Process. The Transformer edit window opens.

    1. Click Schema Editor and select the Regenerate Output Schema check box.

    2. In the Using input schema drop-down list, select the name of the new dynamic entity.

    3. Select Inherit schema and click Apply. A message opens prompting you to confirm the schema changes.

    4. Click OK.

  10. Click Finish to close the Schema Editor and save your changes to the Transformer.

  11. Right-click the Transformer and select Apply schema changes. The Server Action message opens prompting you to apply outstanding schema changes.

  12. Click OK.

  13. Disconnect the original input entity from the Transformer.

    1. Right-click the Transformer process arrow that connects to the origĀ­inal input entity and select Remove this input. The Server Action message displays prompting you to confirm the action.

    2. Verify that the correct input will be deleted.

    3. Click OK to disconnect. The Transformer no longer connects to the original input entity.
      Figure 2. Disconnecting Original Input Entity

  14. Remove the original input entity.

    1. Right-click the entity and select Remove entity from project. The Server Action message prompts you to confirm the delete action.

    2. Click OK. The project now has the dynamic entity as input.

  15. Run the Transformer as needed.