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Note: Creating a delimited dynamic entity using a schema is not supported.
The Control Center does not know the length of each attribute in an entity created without using a schema. When that entity is used as an input to a Quality project, all attribute lengths are set to 1 by default.
Figure 1. Default Delimited Dynamic Entity Attribute Lengths

While you run the Regenerate TSQ Data job, you can manually set the attribute lengths. To set them correctly, you should be familiar with your data, including the maximum data value length for each attribute. If you set the lengths too short or too long, rerun the process until the lengths are correct.

Note: Dynamic entities with fixed-length and relational data sources do not need to have attribute lengths set manually.
Note: If you load data into a dynamic entity after running this process, the input attribute lengths will become the lengths that are aTomatically calculated during the data load process.

Changes made to the attribute lengths are:

  • Saved to the associated DDX (schema) file and displayed as the default the next time you open the Regenerate TSQ Input Data window for the entity.

  • Saved to the repository.

  • Viewable as the defaults in the Schema Editor in any process/project that uses the dynamic entity as input.

To modify delimited dynamic entity attribute lengths

  1. On the Discover bar, click the Entities tab. A list all real and dynamic entities opens.

  2. Double-click the dynamic entity with which you want to work. The Data Rows (Dynamic) List View displays the data set the entity is pointing to in the data source.
    Figure 2. Entity Data Rows List View

  3. Note the maximum character length for each attribute value. For reference, leave this view open while you work.

  4. On the Develop bar, go to the Projects tab. Right-click the dynamic input entity with which you want to work and select Regenerate TSQ data. The Regenerate TSQ Input Data window opens.

  5. In the Data section, make any necessary changes. (See Regenerate TSQ Input Data.)

  6. In the bottom section, specify a character width for each attribute in the entity (see figure 3). This sets the length of the attribute schema value. For example, if you set all attribute widths to 6, up to 6 characters display for each attribute value.

    Do one of the following:

    • Enter a number in the Width column for each attribute.

    • Enter a number in the Set all field and click Set all. All fields in the Width column populate with the number.

    Note: You must specify a width number (other than zero) for all attributes.
    Figure 3. Modifying Attribute Lengths

  7. Click OK. The Schedule Job bar prompts you to run the job now or schedule for later.

  8. Click Now to run the job.

  9. After the job is complete, open another List View window by clicking Windows > New Window.

  10. In the Navigation View, double-click the modified input entity. The Data Rows (Quality Process Flow Project) List View opens in the new window.

  11. Click the window’s tab and drag the tab icon toward the bottom of the workspace.

  12. When a bar displays across the middle of the workspace, drop the tab icon. Both List Views display horizontally (see figure 4).

  13. Check that the attribute lengths for the modified entity display as expected. Compare the lengths to the original data in the entity’s Data Rows (Dynamic) List View. If any lengths are too short, repeat the procedure as needed.

In figure 4 the length for attributes First Name and Full Name were set too short, cutting off data values in the third, fourth, and fifth rows. Note in figure 3 the lengths for these were set at 6 and 15 respectively and would need to be modified to 7 and 16.
Figure 4. Comparing Modified Attribute Lengths to Original Data Rows