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You can use dynamic entities in a Quality project where you want to use a small sample of data for initial testing and tuning before replacing the sample with a larger volume of data.

Note the following guidelines:

  • All Trillium Quality process output entities are dynamic until analyzed.

  • When you add a dynamic entity to a Trillium Quality project (either during project creation or by adding to an existing project), all data rows in the source are used to generate the associated TSQ flat file. This flat file can be regenerated with a lesser number of rows or a sampling of rows. For information, see Regenerate TSQ Input Data.

  • You can add a Quality Load process to a dynamic entity and use it to load data into the entity.

Here is an example of Trillium Quality process workflow using dynamic entities in a Quality project:

  1. Create a dynamic entity from the source data with which you want to work.

  2. Create a Quality project with the dynamic entity as input.

  3. If your input entity is delimited, run the Regenerate TSQ Data procedure and set all attribute lengths, otherwise they will be set to 1 by default. (For information, see Modify Dynamic Entity Attribute Lengths.)

  4. Run the standardizing and cleansing processes as needed.

  5. Regenerate TSQ Data if/when the source data changes.

  6. Rerun the Quality project to test against new data and verify that the customizations are valid for the latest data.

  7. Load the full set of data into your project, make any further changes, and deploy the project to your production environment.