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The next entity required for a Reference Matcher project must include all of the attributes created by the enriching processes of the Trillium Quality project. You create this entity from the output of the Relationship Linker process and then add this entity to your project.

To create the enriched reference entity

  1. Open the project’s Quality Process flow and double-click the output of the Relationship Linker process.

  2. In the column header of the List View, right-click and select Choose Columns.

  3. Click Show All and click OK.

  4. In the List View, right-click and select Convert view to Entity.

  5. Enter a name.

    • If you are creating a dynamic entity, click OK.

    • If you are creating a real entity, select Load data into new entity, click OK, and click Now in the scheduler notification bar.

    This creates a data file containing all of the attributes that will be required for the reference match process.

  6. To verify that the entity was created, click the Entities tab on the Discover bar. The new entity should be listed.

To add the entity to your project

  1. In a blank area of the process flow, right-click and select Add entity.

  2. Select the enriched reference entity you just created (it should be the last entity listed in the Entity Selection options), click OK, and click Now in the schedule notification bar.

Note: If you are creating a project for use in real time, ignore the warning shown in the Entity Selection window. A second input is permitted in reference match projects.