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With the enriched reference entity created and added to the project, the original reference entity is no longer needed in the project. In this section, you will replace the original reference entity with your transaction entity. (Recall that the transaction entity contains records of recent transactions that you would like to compare with the existing records in your reference entity.)

To replace the reference entity with the transaction entity

  1. Right-click the first Transformer process in your project and select Add new inputs. The Add Input Process window opens.

  2. Select Unattached entities in the repository.

  3. Select the entity that contains your sample transaction records and click OK.

  4. To delete the (original) reference entity as an input to the Transformer process, right-click the Transformer process again and select Remove this input. Click Refresh if necessary to see that the input has been removed.

  5. In the Server Action window, ensure that the Reference entity is selected, then click OK.

  6. Double-click the Transformer to open it for editing.

  7. Select the Schema Editor tab.

  8. Enable the Regenerate Output Schema option, ensure that your transaction data file is listed in the Using input schema field, select Inherit schema and click Apply. Click OK to dismiss the warning message.

  9. Click the Parser Inputs tab and check that the appropriate parser inputs are selected.

  10. Click Finish.

  11. Right-click the Transformer and select Run. A message displays indicating that schema changes are required.

  12. Select Include dependent processes and click Run or click Background and click Now in the scheduler notification bar.

Note: When you have finished setting up your project, you can optionally remove the original Reference entity from your project.