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The next step is to add and configure a Transformer process for the enriched reference entity.

To add a Transformer process to the enriched entity

  1. Right-click the enriched entity that you just added to your project and select Add process branch.

  2. Select Transformer, select Configure Now, and click OK.

  3. If you are using dynamic entities, skip to step 7. If you are using real entities, you must change two field sizes. Click the Schema Editor tab.

  4. In the right pane of the Schema Editor window, double-click the Reference Level 1 Key attribute. The Edit Output Attribute window opens.

  5. In the Edit Output Attribute window, change the Max Width to 16 and click OK (the attribute width must match the width in the original process flow).
    Figure 1. Change Reference Level Key Width

  6. Repeat step 4 and step 5 for the Reference Level 2 Key attribute.

  7. Next, you create two attribute transformations. These will be populated with unique numbers when a transaction record is matched to another record. Click the Output Conditionals tab.

  8. Right-click in the right pane of the Output Conditionals window and select Add > New > Attribute Transformation. The Set Attribute window opens.

  9. Enter a description for the transformation.

  10. In Set attribute, select Reference Level1 Key.

  11. Click the Build Expression button to the right of the To Expression field. The Set Attribute To Expression window opens.

  12. Select the Attributes category and double-click the Lev1 Matched attribute.

  13. Click OK. The screen should resemble the figure below.
    Figure 2. Attribute Transformation for Reference Level1 Key

  14. Click Finish.

  15. Create a second Attribute Transformation, setting Reference Level2 Key to Lev2 Matched in Lev1 Matched.
    Figure 3. Attribute Transformation for Reference Level2 Key

  16. Click Finish on the Set Attribute window and click Finish on the Output Conditionals tab to complete the edits to the Transformer process.

  17. Right-click the new Transformer and select Run, or click Background and click Now in the schedule notification bar, to run this Transformer process.