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Sources are represented as blue rectangles on the Pipeline Canvas.

The Hub currently supports two different types of Sources:
  • IBM i
  • z/OS
The licenses available to the Hub determine the Sources you can access.

For example, if you have a license for z/OS to Splunk, then both the z/OS and IBM i sources will be available because you can always send Mimix Healthlink data from the IBM i platform to any Target of choice without a specific license. However, if you have an IBM i to Splunk license, then only the IBM i Source will be selectable.

When you select a Source type for the Pipeline, a configuration panel appears at the bottom of the page to prompt you for key information such as Name, Description, Port, and Logging details. The Source type determines the exact content of these panels.

As you complete each field, it is validated to ensure that you end up with a usable Source. Errors are highlighted both within the configuration panel itself and on the Pipeline Canvas.

Once the Source is correctly configured, the status will become a green check mark, and if the rest of the Pipeline is valid, the Pipeline could now be saved.

For example, the image below shows that Source Name is a mandatory field.