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Processes are represented as purple rectangles on the Pipeline Canvas.

Click the icon next to the Source or Process you wish to feed data into your new process, and select either:
  • Add Process to insert a Process between two nodes on the diagram.
    Note: If the selected icon is at the head of a branch, then you will be prompted for the branch to which the Process should be added. This is done by selecting which node you want the new Process to be added before as in this example:

  • Add Parallel Process to insert a process parallel to existing Processes. A parallel Process causes a branch in the flow of the Pipeline, originating at the point of the selected icon.

    For example, a simple initial pipeline:

    Adding a Parallel Process will result in a Pipeline like this:

When you add a Parallel Process, the new branch or route is terminated with a stray link . To make the Pipeline valid, every route through a Pipeline must end in a Target, so the stray link needs to be connected to something else; this could be either a Process or a Target. To connect the stray link, simply place the cursor over the end of the link and drag it to the required destination. You will be prevented from making a circular route.

An Add Process panel appears on the right to allow you to create these processes:
  • Simple Filter
  • Regex Filter
  • Payload Wrapper
  • JSON Property Concatenator
  • JSON Threshold Evaluator
  • JSON Property Injector
    Figure 1. Add Process