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Note: Before installing any third-party or compatible software that is not included with the EnterWorks installation files, check that the version of the application is supported by consulting System Requirements.
Warning: If you are using a version of Fusion prior to 3.1.2,375, you must upgrade Fusion in order to update deprecated Log4j files.
Fusion must be installed on the same server as Tomcat. EnterWorks versions prior to 10.5.3 required Fusion to be installed on the same server as EnableServerTomcat service. In EnterWorks versions 10.5.3 and later, Fusion can be installed on a server that is running a separate instance of Tomcat.

To move an existing Fusion to a new server and configure it to work with a separate Tomcat instance:

  1. Install the new Tomcat instance on the new server.
  2. Install a new instance of Fusion on the new server by following the instructions given in Install Fusion.
  3. Export your Fusion applications from the existing Fusion instance and import them into the new Fusion instance. For more information, see Application Management.
  4. Update any Match and Merge widget definitions to point to the new Fusion's applications. Open the widgets and select the new applications.
  5. Update any other EnterWorks widgets and Shortcuts with new URLs and application appIDs as necessary.
  6. Remove the old Fusion's artifacts:
    1. Move the old Fusion's server.war file to backup. Move:
      <drive>:\Enterworks\Match Service\bin\server.war
      This creates a backup copy of the original server.war file in case you need to back out of the re-installation, but it will also cause Tomcat to undeploy that version of Fusion.
    2. When Tomcat has finished undeploying Fusion, the following folder will have been removed:
      <drive>:\Enterworks\Match Service\bin\server.war