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The table display functions header provides the ability to sort, search, filter, export, and view the lineage of records in a table. The header appears in several different tabs, including the Result tab and the Stewardship UI.

The functions available in the table display functions header may vary slightly depending on which tab is being viewed. The standard functions are:

  • Sort table: To sort the table, open the Order by dropdown menu, select the column you want to sort on. Then open the desc/asc dropdown menu to select the order in which the column is to be sorted:

    • asc: Ascending.

    • desc: Descending

    To sort the table, click the Refresh button.

  • Count records:

    • To count the number of rows contained in the table, click the Count button. The number of records will be displayed in the list below.

    • To count the number of records that meet a filter criteria, add filter expressions to the expression bar, then click the Count button.

  • Limit the number of records shown: To limit the number of records shown, enter a value into the Limit field and click the Search button.

  • Filter and Search the table: The Switch to expr/Switch to form toggle allows you to change the method you will use to create a filter expression:

    • Switch to form: If you toggle this button so it displays Switch to form, you will be creating the expression by writing it directly in the expression bar.

    • Switch to expr: If you toggle this button so it displays Switch to expr you will be able to build the expression using a form. The Add filter button will appear on the right end of the expression bar. Click the Add filter button to open a form that will help you build a filter expression. When you are done editing, click the Apply button and the filter expression will be added to the expression bar.

      You can add more filter expressions by clicking the Add filter button again.

      If you click the more icon at the right end of a filter expression, you can edit the filter, add a new filter expression, add parentheses to group filter expressions, or delete a filter expression.

    When you are done adding filter expressions to the expression bar, click the Search button. The table will be filtered to show only the records that meet the filter criteria.

    Note that the search expression is cleared after you run a Search. If you are building a complex filter expression, you may want to save it somewhere you can copy and paste it into the expression bar.

  • View a the lineage for a column of values: To display the lineage of a column's values, click the more icon on the end of the table's column and select View Lineage.

  • Export the table: Export the table in comma separated values format (CSV) by clicking the Export CSV button.

  • Display the status of a search, sort, or count action: To so, click the Get status button.

  • Refresh the table: To refresh the table, click the Refresh button.