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Warning: When you are developing applications, defining sources, and granting user privileges, remember that security settings are not visible in the EnterWorks UI when applications are configured and enabled for end users. Consider defining separate Fusion users, implementing a naming convention, or using some other system that controls access or indicates the privileges granted to users when they are allowed to view or run applications and their sub-objects.

In addition to the table management functions that are preformed by operations, the administrator can also directly manage a data source's tables.

Data source table management functions are preformed in the Explore tab.

To open the Explore tab, in the navigation tree, right-click the name of the source and select Explore. The Explore data source tab will open in the current window. It displays a list of all the tables in the data source.

  • To filter the list of tables, enter text in the Table name field. The list will be filtered to show a subset of the tables.

  • To view the contents of a table, right-click the table's name and select Preview as table.

  • To view the structure of a table, click the arrow to the left of the table's name. The table will expand to display the definition of each of the columns in the table.

  • In Fusion, the profile of a column is a list of all the values that appear in the column and a count of how many times each value appears. To view the profile of a column, click the Profile button to the right of the column's name. The profile of the column will appear at the bottom of the screen. There is a small triangle at the top of the profile section that you can click to expand or collapse the profile.