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A detailed look at the Application Development page.

Warning: When you are developing applications, defining sources, and granting user privileges, remember that security settings are not visible in the EnterWorks UI when applications are configured and enabled for end users. Consider defining separate Fusion users, implementing a naming convention, or using some other system that controls access or indicates the privileges granted to users when they are allowed to view or run applications and their sub-objects.

For information about how to develop an application, see Application Development.

Topics relevant to this page are:

Application Development Page Overview

Developing applications takes place on the Application Development page.

The Application Development page consists of three main parts:

Navigation Tree

On the left of the Application Development page is the navigation tree. It contains the following:

Current Window

The current window is the central part of the screen. This is where tabs will open that allow you to edit objects and to see the status and results of performing actions.

Information Bar

The application's information bar runs across the top of the screen. It contains:

  • Name of the application: Clicking the name of the application will return you to the Fusion home page.

  • Application settings :

    • Read only: A toggle that lets you set the application permissions to read only.

    • View:

      • Developer: The viewer has full access to all the capabilities on the application development page.

      • Analyst: The viewer has a limited ability to manage sources, assets, and application settings; and to view the Activity Log.

  • Profile : Allows you to log out of Fusion.