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Warning: When you are developing applications, defining sources, and granting user privileges, remember that security settings are not visible in the EnterWorks UI when applications are configured and enabled for end users. Consider defining separate Fusion users, implementing a naming convention, or using some other system that controls access or indicates the privileges granted to users when they are allowed to view or run applications and their sub-objects.

For information about how to develop an application, see Application Development.

Saving Changes to an Application

When you edit an application, all changes are saved automatically in the background as you type or click. You do not have to click a save button. Do not worry about changing something by mistake, since all important changes (such as deleting an application or a specification) will ask for your confirmation. When you manage components in the navigation tree, they are created or deleted as soon as you confirm the change. If you edit the content of the current window, status shown on the information bar indicates the status the save process, (for example: No changes, Saving…, or All changes saved).

For information about creating and restoring backup versions of applications, see Application Management.

Clone Objects from Another Application

To clone objects from one application to another:

  1. Open the application you want to clone objects into.
  2. In the navigation tree, right-click Sources, Scenarios, or Scripts, then select Clone from another app. The Clone from another application dialog will open.
  3. Edit the configuration options as desired:
    1. Select application: Select the application you want to clone objects from. Note that you can select the application you are currently in.
    2. Mode: Select what you would like Fusion to do when a cloned object has the same name as an object that already exists in the project, either Create duplicate or Overwrite it.
    3. Select objects: Expand the list subsections and select the objects you want to clone into the project.
  4. When you are finished editing the clone configuration options, click the Clone button.