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Assure MIMIX Installation Wizard for AUI and MIMIX Portal Application on Windows

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Assure MIMIX Installation Wizard for AUI and MIMIX Portal Application on Windows
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If you used the wizard’s standard upgrade option or its default values in the custom upgrade option, the wizard started the Assure UI server, the MIMIXSBS subsystem and port jobs on all upgraded nodes, and MIMIX replication processes (STRMMX command) for the installation. The wizard also started data protection reports if they had not previously been run on a node. Do the following:

  1. As needed, do the following:

  1. Make any known configuration changes on any installation that was upgraded. Check the post install instructions above for details.

  2. Update your Runbook. For more information about the Runbook, contact your certified MIMIX™ Software consultant.

  3. If the installation wizard is still open, click the Launch Portal button on the Summary panel to open a browser window to access the Assure UI portal.

    If the wizard is not open, use the following URL in the address bar of your web browser, specifying the IP address or host name where the Assure UI server is installed and the configured port. The default port is 8410.

  4. Log in to the Assure UI portal using your IBM i user ID and password.

  5. Check MIMIX status. All supporting processes on all nodes and all replication processes should be active. Do one of the following:

    • From the Assure UI portal, check status on the Summary page of an instance that connects to the product library you upgraded.

    • From the native user interface, check status on either the Work with Application Groups display, or the Work with Data Groups display. For more status instructions, see the Assure MIMIX™ Software Operations book.

  6. If necessary, start MIMIX using the Start MIMIX action from the Nodes portlet on the Summary page.

  7. If you use the Assure UI portal on a Windows® server, you need to manually update that environment using an additional wizard and the instructions in Optionally installing the Assure UI and Assure MIMIX™ Software portal application on Windows.