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If you have developed test data that you would like to reuse, you can save the test data in a request file. You can also modify the test data in an existing request file and resave it, or save it using a different name.

To save test data:

  1. On the Web Service Testing tab, click the Cleanser or Matcher tab.

  2. Click Create Request, or click Load Request and browse to modify an existing request.

  3. Enter or modify your test data. The maximum size of a request that can be tested in the Web Service Manager is 32,767 bytes.

  4. Click Save Request to save a new request file or to update an existing request file, or click Save Request As to save an existing request file using a different file name. A browse window opens.

  5. Browse to a location, enter a file name and click Save.

To load saved test data

  1. On the Web Service Testing tab, click the Cleanser or Matcher tab.

  2. Click Load Request. A browse window opens.

  3. Browse to the request location and click Open.

  4. For match requests, change the matching type if required. The Matching Type reflects the currently configured match type (reference or window match). If the loaded request does not match this type, change the matching type before running a test.

If you make changes to a loaded request file and do not save your changes, you will be prompted to save the changes when you exit the Web Service Manager.