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The Web Access Configuration page allows you to create keys that restrict access to TS Web Services. There are two types of restrictions you can apply:

  • Requiring user authentication. If one or more web keys are defined for a project, all REST/SOAP requests to that project must include a valid key. If a request does not include a valid key, an ‘Invalid Key’ message is returned in the response and the data is not cleansed. If no keys are defined for the project, REST/SOAP requests do not require a key.
    Note: You can disable web keys but note that once any web keys have been defined, a key will be required in requests. If all web keys have been disabled, an ‘Invalid Key’ message is returned in the response.
  • Setting a cleanse limit. This option is used by system administrators setting up a TS Web Services evaluation configuration. An initial evaluation of TS Web Services often includes a postal matcher usage threshold. Setting a cleanse limit for a web key ensures that client tests using this web key do not exceed the specified threshold. If the number of cleanse transactions exceeds the specified limit, a message is returned in the client’s REST/SOAP response and access to the cleanse service is disabled.

    To extend the evaluation, increase the cleanse limit or set it to zero (no limit). A message displays confirming the change and the cleanse service is restored. The current cleanse count is not reset.

Clicking Web Access Configuration in TSI Web Server Administration opens the Web Access Configuration page.

To create a web access key:

  1. In TSI Web Server Administration, click Web Access Configuration. The Web Access Configuration page opens.

  2. Click Add Web Access Key. The Add Web Access Key page opens.
    Figure 1. Creating a Web Access Key

  3. Enter a key, or use the automatically generated key. Keys must be between 8 and 20 characters. Lowercase characters are converted to uppercase. Special characters, such as * or !, are not valid. Keys must be unique.

  4. Accept the default (zero) to indicate no cleanse limit, or enter a maximum number of cleanse calls to be allowed to the web service, up to a maximum of 999,999,999. Enter numeric characters only.

  5. Enter a customer name, containing between 3 and 60 characters. The customer name is not used in requests; it is required but is informational only.

  6. Click Save. The Web Access Configuration page opens, listing the new access key, and the web access key is added to file.

You can edit the customer name and cleanse limit; you can delete or disable the web access key but you cannot edit the key.