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Clicking Project Configuration on the Administration Home page opens the configuration page. The Projects tab allows you to start, stop or change the project. The Project Log tab displays the project log file.
Figure 1. Project Configuration

The options available on the Projects tab are:

  • Add New Project - Click to select a project to be run using TS Web Services. Enter the project name and path and click Save. Only one project can be selected at one time. The project’s path is added to the file.

  • Add Default Project - Click to select the sample project, DIRPROJ. You can use the default project to test your environment and to become familiar with TS Web Services.

Once a project has been selected, the Project Configuration page displays project options and statistics.

The following options are available:

  • Start - Click to start the current project. (Before starting a project, see Creating Web Access Keys.)

  • Edit - Click to modify the project path.

  • Remove - Click to remove the current project from the configuration. Click Ok to confirm. The project’s path is removed from the file. Selecting this option does not remove the project from your system.

When you start a project, the project statistics (number of cleanses, number of window matches, number of reference matches, and so on) display the values for the current run of the project. When you stop the project, the project statistics are reset to zero.

Once the project is started, you can use the Web Service Manager to submit test cleanse and match requests.

Clicking the Project Log tab displays the log file for the running project. The length of the log is configurable, as described in Max Megabytes Log File Display.

Note: The default project uses US Global Address Verification (GAV) tables. If you are unable to start the default project, ensure that the EDQ.ini file includes the correct path to the US GAV tables.