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Trillium TS Web Services Developer Guide

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Trillium TS Web Services Developer Guide
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On the Server Configuration tab of the Web Service Manager, configure your web server.

To configure your web server:

  1. Click HTTP or HTTPS to indicate whether you are using an HTTP or HTTPS (HTTP over Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

  2. Select the host on which your web server is running. The default is localhost. If the host is not listed, enter the host name and click Add Host to add the host to the list.

    Figure 1. Web Server ConfigurationWeb Server Configuration

    If you are using a web server other than the default Apache Tomcat server, select the host on which that web server is running.

  3. Enter the Apache Tomcat port number specified during the EDQ installation. The default port number is 8484.

    If you are using a web server other than the default Apache Tomcat server, select the listen port specified when that web server was installed.

  4. Enter the Web Service Home URI, which is the relative home location of the TS Web Service. The default is TrilliumSOAP.

    Trillium strongly recommends not changing the name of the home URI.

  5. Web access keys restrict access to TS Web Services. If your project includes one or more web keys, all SOAP requests to that project must include a valid key. If keys have been set up, in the Web Access Key field, enter a valid web key to be used during testing. If web access keys have not been set up, keep the question mark or enter any character in the field.

    Do not leave the Web Access Key field blank.

  6. Click Get Active Project Name to identify the current project. The project must be running.

  7. Click Display Full Location URL Services to verify the connection to the web server. If the information you entered is correct and the web service is running. If the information is not correct or the web service is not running, the message Navigation to the webpage was canceled displays.

    Figure 2. Verifying ConfigurationVerifying Configuration

    This window displays:

    • The TrilliumSOAP link, which is a link to the WSDL that describes the TS Web Service.

    • The endpoint reference for the service.

    • The operations available for the service.

  8. Click OK to close the window and return to the Server Configuration tab.