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If you have used the CRA to cleanse data for this project during this project analysis session, some of the fields in your project will contain data as a result of the cleansing process. You can use this cleansed data to test your matching rules.

If your data has been cleansed, the With Map and Load Cleanser Data options in the Input Data pane of the MRA window become active. If the schema used in the CRA does not match the MRA, you must create a map file to correlate the cleansing and matching fields.

To map cleanser and matcher fields

  1. Cleanse your data using the CRA, then click the Matching tab to display the MRA window.

  2. In the MRA window, select the With Map option and click the Map Cleanser Fields icon.

  3. In the Map Cleanser Fields window, shown in the figure below, you can either:

    • Browse to open an existing map file.

    • Use the window to create a map file by clicking in the Cleanser Field column and selecting a field to map to each of the Matcher fields.

      Figure 1. Map Cleanser Fields Map Cleanser Fields
  4. Optionally, click the Save or Save As icons to save the map file.

  5. Click OK.

To load cleansed data

  1. In the Input Data pane, click Load Cleanser Data . The data in the most recently cleansed record is loaded into the Input Data pane.

  2. Continue setting up the match, as described starting with Step 3 in Testing with Free Form Data.