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You can manually enter data to test your matching rules.

To test with free form data

  1. Expand the Field Name column or hover over each field name to view complete field names.

  2. Enter field values, being sure to enter sufficient data to satisfy the requirements of your matching rules. For example, if your rules require a last name for a match and you do not enter a last name, no match will be found.

  3. Toggle the Match Case option near the top right corner of the MRA window if desired. (Data that has been processed through the CRA will be stored in uppercase.)

  4. If you have used the CRA to cleanse data, the With Map option will be active. To map cleanser fields to matcher fields, as described in Using Cleansed Data, select the With Map option and specify field mapping.

  5. Select Consumer or Business to indicate whether consumer or business matching rules should be used for the match.

  6. Load the reference file if it is not already loaded, as described in Loading Reference Data.

  7. Specify the window key if one is being used, as described in Creating a Match Candidate Group.

  8. Click Match. (The Match button is not active until you enter data and load a reference file.)

  9. Review the matches, as described in Performing a Match.

  10. If you want to add your test record to the reference file, click Add to References.

  11. To enter a new data record, click Reset Input Data.