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If your project does not have an existing window key (for example, if it has not been run through the CRA), you can create a window key to be used in the MRA window. Records meeting the filter criteria will be displayed in the Match Candidates (Winkey Group) pane when a match is performed.

To define a window key filter

  1. In the Window Key Selection pane, select Define Window Key Filter.

  2. Click the filter icon, . The Define Customized Window Key window opens, as shown in the figure below.

    Figure 1. Define Customized Window Key Define Customized Window Key

    If you are familiar with Window Key values and would like to enter a key directly, proceed to Step 3. If you would like to build a window filter, proceed to Step 4.

  3. To enter a window key value, select Enter Window Key Directly, enter a Window Key, and click OK. Refer to the Control Center’s online help for information on the structure of window keys.

  4. To define a customized window key, select whether this will be an ‘and’ or an ‘or’ comparison.

  5. Select data values to be used to filter the data and click OK. For example, the filter shown in the figure below would limit the data in the matching window to those records containing the names “John” or “Jane” or that include the last name “Nicholson.”

Figure 2. Entering a Filter Entering a Filter

If you require a more precise filter, you can add rows by clicking New Row.