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Trillium Director is a highly scalable, high-performance, network-based implementation of Trillium Quality. Trillium Director can be deployed in both centralized and distributed environments to provide real-time and batch data cleansing and matching services.

Trillium Director provides a feature-rich set of data cleansing and matching services. Features and functions include:

  • Real-time or batch data quality processing.

  • Application of consistent data standards and processes across the enterprise.

  • Conversion, cleansing, and matching of international data supplied by many applications regardless of the source applicationā€™s programming language.

  • Automatic routing and processing of intermingled country data, based on country of origin.

  • Handling of mixed international data character sets and application of country-specific rules for cleansing and matching on a record-by-record basis.

  • Seamless integration into multiple workflows, providing data quality services to applications throughout the enterprise.

Operational and architectural features of the Trillium Director include:

  • Sub-second multithreaded flows of high-volume transactions.

  • Precision load balancing of simultaneous requests from many applications across multiple cleanser and matcher servers.

  • Performance tuning based on traceable transaction flows.

  • GUI-based reporting, monitoring, and control of all Trillium Director services and processes running on the network.

  • Individual message validation, allowing the Trillium Director and its services to work in conjunction with your port scanning software to minimize the opportunity for a security breach through open ports.

  • Redundant Server Virtualization (RSV), leveraging the benefits of server virtualization to maximize throughput of application client requests and ensure a seamless failover strategy.