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Trillium Director implements two primary data quality functions - cleansing and matching of data. Within the Trillium Director architecture, cleansing and matching services are provided by cleanser and matcher servers. The availability of cleanser and matcher servers is monitored by a Director server.

  • A cleanser server standardizes and enhances existing application data, based on configurable business rules. Optionally, a cleanser server can also generate a key for the record that can be used during record matching.

  • A matcher server identifies duplicate records or suspected duplicate records. The client application sends a record to be matched, along with a group of candidates for matching, to the server. The server then returns information that identifies which of the candidate records are matches to the record, or (optionally) suspected matches, along with “match patterns” which describe the rule by which each candidate record matches the record.

  • A Director server maintains awareness of the state and workload of each cleanser and matcher server.

To request data cleansing or matching, a client application sends a message to the Director server requesting a connection to a suitable server. The Director server returns a handle of the appropriate cleanser or matcher server. The client application then sends one or more records to that server for processing and receives back the results. The client application releases the server connection when it is no longer needed.

All communications among client applications and Trillium Director components are conducted over TCP/IP using direct socket communications.