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The Director System Manager is a secure, network-based administrative tool that allows you to control and monitor the activity of Director, cleanser, and matcher servers.

The Director System Manager can be installed only on the Windows operating system but can be used to create and manage servers on both Windows and Linux hosts without requiring drive mapping to those hosts.

Open the Director System Manager from either the Control Center’s Advanced > Tools menu or from the Trillium Software program group on the Start menu.

The left pane of the Director System Manager contains two tabs.

  • The Realtime View tab displays a tree view of Director, cleanser, and matcher servers that are currently running on hosts you are currently monitoring. (See Setting Up Hosts for information on setting up hosts.) Directors that are not currently running are listed, but are identified with a warning icon ; cleanser, the matcher servers that are not currently running are not listed.

The right pane displays a list view of statistics for the selected server or node. Statistics include the pool size, the number of successful and failed requests, and other information relating to the current activities of the selected server or node.

  • The Service Directory tab displays a list of the hosts you are monitoring. Select a host to display information about all Director, cleanser, and matcher servers, both running and stopped, for that host. Displayed information includes the paths to configuration, trace, and log files.

Running services are identified with green highlighting; running services created by another user are identified with a different shade of green.

Servers can be started and stopped from either tab; other options vary between tabs. From the Realtime View tab, for example, you can start and stop a trace, test a connection, and launch the Project Rule Analyzer. From the Service Directory tab, you can remove unused or obsolete services, clone a service, and view a trace or log file for a stopped service.

To update the information displayed in the Director System Manager, click the Refresh icon.