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Use the Mark up box to make the same modification to multiple processes.
Note: If a process is part of multiple country flows, modifying that process (for example, enabling/disabling, excluding, recategorizing, and so on) will change its state in all country flows. If you require a process to have a unique state for a specific country flow, modify the project using the Control Center and redeploy the project. To determine if a process is unique to a country, examine its process number (the number in parentheses following the process name). Unique processes have unique process numbers.

To use the Mark up box

  1. Click the Active option to enable mark up.

  2. Select the mark up action to be performed.

  3. Click the processes in the tree view to apply the mark up. Click the processes a second time to reverse the action.

Use the Mark up box to set the following:

Cleanse or Match: The Project Deployment Manager automatically identifies Relationship Linker, Reference Matcher, Commonizer, Transformer Label Lines and Transformer Unified Output processes as Match processes, meaning that they will be handled by the matcher server. All other processes are handled by the cleanser server. You can use the Mark Up box to recategorize processes if desired, assigning any process to be handled by either server.

Disable: If a process is disabled, a node will be created for the process in the cleanser or matcher settings file, but the ENABLED switch will be set to ‘n’ and the cleanser or matcher server will not initialize that process or perform that process on your data.

Exclude: If a process is excluded, it will not be listed in the cleanser or matcher configuration file and the cleanser or matcher server will not perform that process on your data. Batch-only processes are automatically excluded. Use this option to exclude additional processes, if desired.

N/A Batch Only: Processes that cannot be performed in real time are automatically excluded. These processes cannot be included.