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The Files that will be generated or modified section lists the files that will be created or modified for this project. The figure below illustrates the default names for the files created for each of the project types.

The content of these files is described in more detail in Inside the Configuration Files.

Figure 1. Files Generated for Each Project Type Files Generated for Each Project Type
  • SAP or Connector Configuration file. The SAP or SDK Connector Configuration file (collectively referred to as the connector configuration file) is the top-level file for a real-time project. It contains pointers to cleanser and matcher settings files and log files, the path to the Trillium Quality server and the path to the token configuration file, and other project-level information.

  • Fuzzy Search Configuration File. Used only with SAP projects, the Fuzzy Search Configuration File is used with the SAP Fuzzy Search feature and contains a pointer to the Fuzzy Match Configuration File.

  • Cleanser Settings File. The cleanser settings file identifies the Trillium Quality cleansing processes to be run, the location of the settings and log files for each process, condition tests to trigger country-specific processes, and other information specific to cleansing processes.

  • Matcher Settings File. The matcher settings file identifies the Trillium Quality matching processes to be run and the settings and log files for each process.

  • Fuzzy Match Configuration File. Used only with SAP projects in conjunction with the Fuzzy Search Configuration File, this is the settings file used for fuzzy matching. The structure of this file is defined with the SAP Configuration option.

  • Token Configuration File. The token configuration file defines the variables, or tokens, that can substitute for hard-coded paths to DDL and table files. The TS_CONFIG parameter in the connector configuration file points to this file. Refer to Token Configuration File (Config64.tbl) for more information.