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In addition to launching the Project Deployment Manager from the Control Center, you can launch it from the Director System Manager. This allows you the flexibility of having one person create a real-time project using the Control Center, and having another person on another machine deploy the project to the systems on which it will be used.

To deploy projects from the Director System Manager

  1. Use the Control Center to create, tune and test a Trillium Quality project.

  2. On the Control Center’s Develop bar, right-click the project name and select Publish project for deployment. This creates a project structure that you use to deploy the real-time project.

  3. On the Control Center’s Deploy bar, right-click the project name and select Prepare files for real-time deployment.

  4. Browse to select the location where the files will be created and click OK.

  5. (Optional) If the project is to be deployed from another machine that is not accessible through your network:

    1. Open the directory in which the project files were created.

    2. Create a zip file containing all files in this directory.

    3. Relocate the zip file to the machine on which the Director System Manager runs.

    4. Unzip the project files.

  6. In the Director System Manager, select File > Launch RealTime Project Loader.

  7. Project Staging location: Enter or browse to the directory in which the project was created or, if the files were moved to another machine, to the directory in which the files were relocated, select the Batch directory and click OK.

  8. Project Deployment Manager Executable Location: The default location of the Project Deployment Manager is displayed. If required, enter or browse to an alternate location.

  9. Connector/Project Type: Select the connector and project type. Each project is created for use with a specific connector; your selection must match the project type selected when the project was created.

  10. Click Load Real-Time Project Deployment Manager.

Use the Project Deployment Manager as described previously in this chapter.