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The Director System Manager's Investigate option allows you to view detailed information about your Directors and servers, and allows you to view details about the project for which each server was created. For servers, you can view details such as the current queue size, the number of active requests, the highest number of connections, and so on.

Note: This information can also be accessed without use of the Director System Manager through a browser or programmatically.

Links in a Director’s details window allow you to view details for each server controlled by that Director. Links in a server’s details window allow you to view underlying files, such as the cleanser or matcher settings file, the token configuration file, and the settings file for each process in the project. For security reasons, log files are not displayed.

Note: Project and server details cannot be modified in the details window.

To view project details

  1. On the Realtime View tab, right-click a Director, cleanser, or matcher server and select Investigate. Detailed information about that server is displayed.
    Note: The details window is also available through the Advanced button when viewing a server's properties.
  2. Click a link to display additional information. Many links contain multiple layers of additional information. Use the Forward and Back buttons to navigate between windows.
  3. If the text of an XML, STX, or other file is available for viewing, the VIEW toolbar option becomes active. Click VIEW to display the text of the file. Click CANCEL to return to the previous view.

    The Universal Connectivity Adapter (UCA) uses several fields for internal processing, some of which are not included in a DDL. When viewing a DIRCleanser.xml or DIRMatcher.xml file, these fields are identified as Extra Input. The fields used internally by the UCA are:

    COUNTRY Country code used by the matcher.
    DR_COUNTRY Country code used by the cleanser.
    DR_FAILLEVELFIELD Field containing the match level.
    DR_FAILLEVELTEXT Text description of the match level received from the Postal Matcher.
    FIRSTNAME, MIDDLENAME, LASTNAME Fields used to determine match type. If any of these fields exists in the match input, the UCA performs a Consumer match; if not, it performs a Business match.
    MATCH_METHOD If a candidate record exists, MATCH_METHOD is set to 1 and a Reference Match is performed. If a candidate record does not exist, MATCH_METHOD is set to 0 and a window match is performed.
    MATCHER_USER_KEY Used to ensure match records are unique.
    MAX_WINDOW_SIZE Used by the UCA to handle the maximum window size.
    PR_NAME_FORM_01 Set based on the value of FIRSTNAME, MIDDLENAME, or LASTNAME.
    REFERENCE_RECORD_ID Used by the UCA to handle user-defined fields.