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Trillium DQ Release Notes

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Trillium DQ Release Notes
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In addition to this document, see the following documents installed with software:

  • Control Center Help. Task-based documentation that guides you through the steps of profiling and standardizing your data to support all your data quality initiatives.

  • Trillium DQ Installation Guide. Describes procedures for installing Trillium Quality, the repository server, country templates, Control Center client, and so on.

  • Trillium DQ Repository Administrator Guide. Describes procedures for using the Repository Manager application to manage repositories, Trillium users, data connections, and to perform other system tasks.

  • Administration Center Help. Describes procedures for Discovery Center administrators to manage repositories, data connections, and web services.

  • Discovery Center Help. Describes procedures for working with data sources, attributes, business rules, library rule sets, and other data profiling activities.

  • Trillium REST API Documentation. Provides methods of accessing and manipulating repositories, entities (data sources), and business rules. Available from the Discovery Center online help.

Note the following:

  • The online help systems support the following browsers:

    • Google Chrome

    • Firefox

    • Microsoft Edge

If you use a browser other than those listed to view the online help, certain formatting elements will not display correctly.

  • If you find errors in this or any Trillium documentation, have suggestions for additional topics, or have any other comments, please contact Precisely Support. See Customer Support.

  • The Administration Center and Discovery Center interfaces offer a full set of online documentation and contextual help. Most views, panels, and windows of the Administration Center and Discovery Center include a question mark icon . Click the icon for more information about the task or tasks that you can perform in the current view, panel, or window.