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Trillium DQ Release Notes
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Trillium v15.7.x (unless otherwise noted) is the last release to support the following applications:

  • Excel sample templates for the Trillium Reporting Adapters.
  • TS Case Management.

  • Enterprise Connectivity Solutions (ECS), the 32-bit implementation of Trillium Director, along with the 32-bit Director applications TS Connector for Siebel, TS Director SDK, and Director Monitor.

Note: 64-bit versions of TS Web Services (TSI) and Director SDK are available when you install EDQ 64-bit. The Trillium Director SOAP web service is installed with EDQ 64-bit.
  • TS Director XML-Over-HTTP.

  • TS Director IIS .Net Web Services.

  • Trillium Postal Download Web Service. The current implementation of this automated download service (introduced in v15.7) is deprecated as of Trillium v15.8 and cannot be used to track and download Global Address Verification (GAV) tables and Geocoder (latitude and longitude) tables. Instead, use the Trillium File Portal FTP website, which allows you to manually download tables and related files.

  • As of v15.7, TS Quality for Hadoop is discontinued. To work with your data quality projects in Hadoop, use Trillium Quality for Big Data. Trillium Quality for Big Data is a Hadoop extension of Trillium Quality and is integrated with Precisely Connect for Big Data (DMX-h) to provide a highly scalable, high-performance implementation of data cleansing and matching services within the Hadoop environment.

  • HP-UX Itanium. As of Trillium v15.4, HP-UX Itanium systems are no longer supported. Trillium v15.3 was the last release to support HP-UX.

  • Trillium Precise, the JSON-based web service, is no longer available for use in any Trillium release.