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Trillium Geolocation Installation

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Trillium Geolocation Installation
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This release of Trillium Geolocation contains updates to both the Trillium Geolocation software and the Global Datastore. Existing customers can install both the software and reference data, as described in this section, or can install the updated reference data only, as described in Global Datastore Update Only.

To install the software and reference data

  1. Navigate to the Disc 1 software installation files and run the install file:


    Where n.n.n is the release version number.

    The Welcome window opens.

    Note: If you are updating an existing installation, several of the installation screens described in this section will not be displayed.
  2. Click Next. The License Agreement window opens.

    License Agreement
  3. Select the Accept option and click Next. If you are updating an existing installation, you are prompted to use your existing license or reinstall with a new license. If you are using your existing license, skip to Step 11. For new installations and re-installations, the License File window opens.

    License File
  4. Browse to the location of the license file that was supplied to you via email by Precisely. Click Next. For new installations, the Install Location window opens.

    Note: This window is bypassed when updating existing installations.
    Install Location
  5. Accept the default location or browse to an alternate location and click Next. The Customer Information window opens.

    Note: This window is bypassed when updating existing installations.
    Customer Information
  6. In the Customer Information window, enter your user name and company name.

  7. Click Next. The Installation Type window opens.

    Note: This window is bypassed when updating existing installations.
    Installation Type
  8. Select Typical to install all licensed components on this machine, or select Custom to install a subset of components, and click Next. If you select Typical, skip to step Step 10

  9. If you select a Custom installation, the Select Components window opens. Only components for which you are licensed are available. If you are installing one or more APIs, the correct version for your platform will be installed.

    Note: This window is bypassed when updating existing installations.
    Select Components

    Depending on your license, two Batch components may be available:

    • Batch Processor - The command line interface to the Global Datastore.

    • Batch - Trillium Geolocation’s automated data processing application. You can install the Batch client and Batch server on the local system or on distributed systems as required for your processing needs and as permitted by your license key.

    Select the components to be installed on this machine and click Next.

  10. If you are installing the Trillium Geolocation Server, the License Expiration Email Information window opens.

    Note: This window is bypassed when updating existing installations.
    License Expiration Email

    The information in this window is optional. If you would like to receive an automated email when your software license is nearing expiration, enter your information. If you leave these fields blank, you can provide the information at a later time by modifying the gaserver.ini file, as described in the Trillium Geolocation Reference Guide.

  11. Click Next. The Start Copying Files window opens.

    Start Copying Files
  12. Click Back to modify your selections, or click Next to begin the installation. The status bar displays the progress of the installation.

    Note: If the installation cannot find the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), you are prompted to browse to the JRE location.
    Installation Status

    When installation is complete, the Completion window opens.

    Installation Complete 
  13. Click Finish. The Data Installer automatically runs to install the Knowledge Base.

    Knowledge Base Installation
  14. When Knowledge Base installation is complete, click Next. The Updates Installed window opens.

    Updates Installed
  15. If installation is complete, select End installation, click Next, and proceed to Step 18.

    To install reference data on this machine, select Install more data from other media and click Next. The Install Media Path window opens.

    Note: You can run the Data Installer at any time by selecting Start > Trillium > Trillium Geolocation > Utilities > Reference Data Installer. You can use the Utilities menu to install the periodic data updates provided by Precisely.
    Install Media Path
  16. Click Browse, navigate to the location of the next data download/disc, and click Next.

    Note: If you are not licensed to install the data on the selected disc, a message will display and the data is not installed.

    A status bar window opens showing the progress of the reference data installation. Note that the completion percentage reflects the number of tables installed, regardless of the total size of the tables (for example, 1 of 4 tables installed would show 25% completion, regardless of table size).

    Install Status Window
  17. When data installation is complete, you are prompted to install additional data from other media. If you have additional data to install, repeat Step 15 and Step 16.

  18. When all data has been installed, select End Installation and click Next.

    End Installation
  19. Click Finish to complete installation. If a system restart is required, you will be prompted to restart your system.

    Installation Complete