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Trillium Geolocation Installation

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Trillium Geolocation Installation
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This release of Trillium Geolocation contains updates to both the Trillium Geolocation software and the Global Datastore. Existing customers can install both the software and reference data, as described in this section, or can install the updated reference data only, as described in Global Datastore Update Only.

To install the software and reference data

  1. Copy the contents of each download/disc to a separate directory on your file system.

  2. Launch the installer:


    where n.n.n is the release version number.

    If you are running in a desktop environment such as GNOME, KDE, or CDE, the graphical installer will start. If you are running in a terminal session, the text-based installer will start. The following steps illustrate installation using a text-based installer on Linux.

  3. A welcome message displays. Enter Y to continue.

  4. The software license agreement displays. Page through the screens to read the license agreement or enter q to accept the agreement and bypass display of the full agreement.

  5. Enter the path to your Trillium Geolocation license file. Existing customers may use their current license file or, if your options have changed, you may use a new license that has been sent to you by Precisely.

  6. Enter the path to your installation location, or press Enter to accept the default location.

  7. Enter your user name and company name.

  8. If you would like to receive an automated email when your software license is nearing expiration, enter Y in response to the prompt and enter your email information. If you enter N, you can provide the information at a later time by modifying the gaserver.ini file, as described in the Trillium Geolocation Reference Guide.

  9. Installation of licensed components begins, as appropriate for your operating system. Client components will not be installed on Linux systems. If installing APIs, versions appropriate for your operating system are installed.

  10. To install the Knowledge Base and reference data, enter Y in response to the prompt. Enter N to bypass data installation.

  11. If installing the Knowledge Base and reference data, a confirmation displays, followed by a prompt to install updates from other media. Enter Y to continue installing data or N if installation is complete.

  12. If installing additional data, enter the path to the installation media. The Data Installer will automatically install all of the data for which you are licensed. Datasets are listed as they are being installed.

  13. Repeat Step 12 to install all reference data you would like to install on this system. After all data has been installed, enter N to complete installation.