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The online help system provided with the Trillium Administration Center contains all the information you need to use the product. If you are a new user, you should start with the Getting Started topics. If you are an experienced user, use the online help system as a reference source for more advanced procedures.

Note: To learn how to perform tasks in the Discovery Center, see the full help system available from the Discovery Center interface.

Opening Help

To access the main Administration Center Online Help system:

  • Click Help > Open Online Help. The Help menu is always available regardless of which panel or page you are on.
  • Press the F1 key to launch the online help at any time.

Many Administration Center panels and windows have a question mark icon (). Click to open more information about tasks you want to perform in the current panel or window.

Navigation Tools

The following navigation tools are available after you open the online help system to help you quickly locate the topics you want.

Contents Tab

From the online help's left pane, click the Contents tab and navigate through the books and pages to find the information you need.

Click the Hide () and Display () arrows on the divider between the left pane and the topics to hide or display the pane. To expand or collapse the left pane, click and drag the divider.


  • Home. Click the Trillium Software logo in the upper left corner to go back to the Welcome to Administration Center topic.
  • Print. Click the Print icon () to display the print option and print the topic.
  • Expand all/Collapse all. Click the Expand all/Collapse all icon () to expand or collapse the drop-down contents () in a topic.
  • Remove Highlights. When you open a topic from the search bar results, your search keywords are highlighted in the topic. Click the Remove Highlights icon ( ) to turn off the background color.
  • Navigate previous/next. Click the Navigate previous () or next () icon to move between the topics based on the Contents books.

Search Bar

The Search bar at the top right of the help window provides a quick way to search for the online help.

  • Case-insensitive matches. Search is not case-sensitive. For example, a search for the word "attribute" will find matches for "Attribute" and "attribute."
  • Matches with variant endings. For example, a search for the word "distribute" will also find matches for "distribution." Since matches are not case-sensitive, the results will include topics containing matches such as "Distribute" and "distribute."
Note: Asterisk (*) wild card and Boolean search capabilities are available.

To search for help topics
  1. Open the Administration Center help.
  2. Enter one or more keywords in the Search text field at the top right.
  3. Press Enter or click the Search icon. The results page displays topics containing keywords in your search along with an excerpt from the topic. The topics are listed in ranked order.
  4. Click the link of any result to display the topic. The matching keywords are highlighted. You can remove highlights by clicking the Remove Highlights icon ( ). Use your browser settings to perform other tasks such as using Bookmarks and viewing History.

Browser Software

The Administration Center online help system supports the following browsers:
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
Note: If you use a browser other than those listed to view the online help, certain formatting elements will not display correctly.