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You add a URL as a web service connection to retain and reuse the connection. Specify properties including web service name, host name, and port number. Encrypt the URL with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to connect to a secured web service. Include an optional Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) string value to specify the relative path to the web service.

Note: Web service properties are added to your device as cookies in the current browser. They are not saved as repository objects and cannot be shared with other users or used on other systems or in different browsers.

To add a web service

  1. On the navigation menu, click Launch Web Services. The Launch Web Services window opens. If no web services have been configured, the list of Available Services is empty.
  2. Click Add a Service to expand the property fields. If no web services have been added, the fields are already visible.
    Note: Property values are case-sensitive.
  3. For Name, enter a name for the web service. This name will display in the Available Services list.
  4. For Host, enter the name or IP address of the server machine on which the web service resides.
  5. For Port, enter the port number used by the web service. The default is 8484 for unencrypted connections and 443 for encrypted (SSL) connections.
    Note: If you are connecting to TS Web Services, specify the port number that was used when TS Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ) was installed on the target server system. By default, 8484.
  6. For Encryption, select SSL if you want the web service URL configured to use HTTP over Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS) protocol. Otherwise, the connection will be unencrypted. When using encryption, the recommended port number is 443.
  7. For URI, enter a string value. The value can consist of numbers, letters, delimiters including ":" "/" "?" "#" "[" / "]" "@", and sub-delimiters including: "!" "$" "&" "'" "(" ")" "*" "+" "," ";" "=".
    If you are connecting to TS Web Services, you might specify the URI TrilliumSOAP/trillium-admin-web/login.jsp as the path to the TSI Web Server Administration log in page.  
  8. Click Save. The web service name is added to the list of Available Services. Hover over the web service name to see the full address. For example, http://test:8484/TrilliumSOAP/trillium-admin-web/login.jsp. Click the name to launch the web service.
  9. Click Done to close the window.

Edit a Web Service

To edit a web service

  1. In the Launch Web Services window, in the Available Services list, click the edit icon () to the right of the service you want to edit. The properties for that service display in the Edit section.
  2. Make edits to the properties as needed. All properties are editable.
  3. When you are finished, do one of the following:
    • Click Save to save your changes.
    • Click Cancel to close the editor without saving changes.
  4. Click Done to close the window.