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You can customize a tab view by selecting only specific columns you want to view and rearrange. When you choose to hide, show, or rearrange columns, the customized view remains for the current session only. The next time you log in to view the same data, the default data columns are shown.

Note: The Administration Center dynamically remembers the columns and their sequence as you go back or to the next (forward) page using your browser's native back and forward buttons. As a result, when you navigate back/forward to where you selected the columns for display, the view is preserved.

To choose columns for view

  1. Navigate to the tab views whose columns you want to choose. For example, Repository Search Results, Data Connection Search Results, New Data Connection: Repository Access, or any metadata tab views.
  2. Click Column View Options located in the top right corner of the view.
  3. Select Choose columns. The Choose Columns window opens. The left side shows the column names that are available but not included in the current view. The right side shows the column names that are included in the current view, with any lock and filter indicators if applied.
    Note: Click and drag the bottom right corner to resize the window.
  4. To show hidden columns, in the Available Columns section:
    1. Select one or more columns to show. To select multiple rows, press the Ctrl or Shift key and click the rows you want. If there are many column names to scroll through, use the search bar to quickly locate the column you want to display.
    2. To sort the list of columns, click Column Name.
    3. Click the Include button () to add the columns for display.
    4. To show all columns, click Include All ().
  5. To hide columns, go to the Included Columns section:
    1. Select one or more columns to hide.
    2. Click the Exclude button () to add the columns you want to hide.
    3. To hide all columns from display, click Exclude All ().
  6. To re-arrange the order of columns on display in the Included Columns section, use the up and down arrow buttons.
  7. To show the default columns, click Defaults ().
  8. Click Done.