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The Task Queue icon on the menu bar gives you an at-a-glance update of the tasks currently running or waiting to run in all repositories. Click the Task Queue icon to see a drop-down list of active tasks.

Note the following when working with the Task Queue:

  • When the Task Queue is closed, refer to the Task Queue icon on the menu bar to see the number of tasks that are currently running or waiting to run. Click the icon to open the Task Queue and see more information about the tasks. If there are no tasks in the queue, a zero (0) displays next to the icon.
  • Tasks run against all repositories on the current server display.
  • After a task finishes, it shows as completed whether it failed or not. Open the Task Manager to verify whether a task ran successfully.
  • The Task Queue refreshes as follows:
    • When closed, the Task Queue icon refreshes once every minute. Click the Task Queue icon to refresh it and see the number of current tasks in progress.
    • When opened, the Task Queue refreshes every five seconds.
Note: If a task starts and ends between refresh times, the task will not display.

To view active tasks in the Task Queue

  1. When the Task Queue icon on the menu bar indicates one or more active tasks, click the icon. The Task Queue drop-down list opens showing status bars for up to three active tasks, and includes the name of the task, a progress bar, and the percentage of task completion. If the associated task has not started, it is shown as Waiting. When tasks finish, they are removed from the Task Queue.
    Note: If the closed Task Queue shows 0 (zero), the message No jobs in queue displays when you click the icon.
  2. Click a task name or See more to open the Task Manager for more information about all active tasks in the queue.
  3. To close the Task Queue, click anywhere on the menu bar.